Mike DelwicheMichael Delwiche is a novelist, screenwriter and freelance journalist. He began his career as a stand-in for Carmen Electra. A specialist in tight plotting and slick dialogue, his on set experience has resulted in professional original scripts, ready-for-production adaptations – and a slight wiggle in his walk. He wrote his first novel The Liar’s Guide to South America on the back of an empanada. It contains only the occasional crumb of truth.


More About Me

I live in London Town, and earn a living working in events. My weekends are usually a write-off, but hey, Mondays can throw up some excellent surprises.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the high road and also the low road and so far I’ve never crossed my own path. I once kissed the Blarney Stone and made a film to prove it. My other travel documentaries can be viewed at

I’ve been shot, made to simulate sex with a stranger and once fell asleep on set in the bosom of an ancient Columbian, all in the name of cinema. See my credits at

My second novel Wait Until the Robots is a sci-fi thriller, and is currently having a final polish. Watch this space!

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