Wait Until the Robots is (finally) available

So this second book has been… a difficult one. I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be. After the semi-autobiographical Liar’s Guide to South America (not saying which bits) there was always going to be that awkward second.

In reality I finished Robots three years ago. I was happy with what I’d done, and sent it out into the world optimistically. Unfortunately it came back with notes, and since then I’ve been worrying at it – messing with the structure, trying to add weight to what is – indubitably – a light weight tale. Eventually I stopped editing all together, and the book languished on my hard drive, collecting dust and staring at me sulkily, coughing pointedly every time one of its predictions for the future came true.

So why finally put it out in the world now? Well, after a fallow period, punctuated with occasional short stories, magazine columns and screenplays, I’ve started something new. A third novel to add to my oeuvre, and hopefully it’ll be the career defining showstopper that leaves the rest in its wake.

Wait Until the Robots will forever be unfinished – it’s flawed and flustered and not what I hoped it might be. So quite like the future then.

As an old friends of mine put it, ‘if you wait until the robots, you’ll be waiting a very long time…’

Wait Until the Robots is available on Amazon

Are you sitting comfortably?

The Liar’s Guide to South America is now available as an audio book, read by none other than yours truly. Listen your way through Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru as I struggle with the accents of these and many other countries. Sit back and marvel as Andrew Mozart pursues the girl of his dreams, and giggle as I mispronounce my way around a whole continent.

This is a professionally recorded audio-book produced by the incredibly patient people at A2i transcriptions, and it’s available from itunes, amazon and audible.


It’s free with a 30-day trial membership, so sign up, sit back and let me tell you a story…

How to Become a Criminal Mastermind is now available to rent or buy online!

After four awards and a great festival run, I’m pleased to announce How to Become a Criminal Mastermind is now available to rent or buy online.

Watch the full feature film now!

Thanks to Henry Scriven’s sharp direction and some fine performances from the likes of Sam Massey and Phillip Weddell it’s a genuinely decent watch. I’m proud to have been involved, and can only apologise for some of the criminal one-liners. Please enjoy, review, share and whatever you do – don’t forget rule number one.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?